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Q. Will Pooch Power Shovel pick up any breed or size of dog waste?

A. Yes, from Terriers to Labs (or dogs up to 80 lbs) the powerful motor can handle Fido’s mess, even on his worst days.

Q. Will it pick up runny dog waste?

A. Yes, Pooch Power Shovel can pick up runny waste, leaving a cleaner surface with less residue than traditional scoopers.

Q. How much waste will each bag hold?

A. Each plastic bag holds 3 lbs. of waste before you will need to change the bag.
Q. How many pieces will it pick up per charge?

A. Depends on the dog, but approximately 150 pieces
Q. How long does it take for the battery to charge?

A. Once plugged in it will take 12 hours to become fully charged.
Q. Do you have to use the Official Pooch Power Bags?

A. Yes, you must use our custom designed bags for proper function.
Q. How many bags come with the original product?

A. 10 bags come with your original Pooch Power Shovel. You may purchase more on this site or at PoochPoweredNation.com (coming soon)
Q. If it needs cleaning what can I use to clean it?

A. Soap and water or any household cleaner will work. Carefully hand wash the shovel basket. Avoid getting moisture around the battery and motor.
Q. What surfaces do the Pooch Power Shovel and Picker work on?

A. Pooch Power Shovel and Picker work on all surfaces: grass, concrete, gravel, and carpet for those misfortunate occurrences.
Q. Where should I store my Pooch Power Shovel or Picker?

A. It’s best to store the shovel away from harsh elements, in a garage or shed would be best.
Q. Will I ever have to get my hands dirty?

A. Consider your hands permanently free from getting messy. The powerful suction removes waste directly into the bags.
Q. Where can I purchase Pooch Power Shovel?

A. The Pooch Power Shovel is currently only available online. Click here to order.
If waste is slow to pick up:

Step 1. Keep motor running and remove hand from black handle.
Step 2. Keep other hand on yellow handle.
Step 3. Shake wrist slightly side-to-side and waste will vacuum into bag.

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